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The success of the club depends upon member participation and leadership in serving the needs of this community.

Young Children
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focuses on four areas:
•maternal and child health
•child care and development
•parent education and support
•safety and pediatric trauma.

History of Andalusia Kiwanis Club

The year 1921, Andalusia's population was 5,154.

First Kiwanis Club chartered September 22, 1921. The charter membership was 50 members. Its first president was A.L. Rankin, Sr. father of the late Albert Rankin, who was president of the club in 1949. The first secretary was E. A. Cooper.

Due to the financial situation of this particular time, the club had to cease being in 1937 and lost its charter.

Efforts were begun in March of 1938 by then Lt. Gov. Nyer Blumberg of Dothan along with then President H.C. Holman, Jr. of Ozark along with others continued their efforts through 1939 but were unsuccessful in reviving the club.

In December of 1947 beginning with 43 charter members the present club was chartered.

First president of the present club was James S. (Doc) Herlong. The present club has been very successful and has performed many civic duties for the community.

5 or 6 Lt. Governors & 1 District Governor from Andalusia Club.


A drop in visit that Allen S. Brown made on Joseph Prance a merchant tailor in Detroit in August of 1914 was actually the beginning of Kiwanis.

Allen Brown (a lawyer by education but a professional organizer for Loyal Order of Moose by desire) was interested in starting a New Fraternal Club with a sick benefit feature. Over several months this talk continued, until December 7,1914, when Joe Prance became member #1 in the Supreme Lodge Benevolent Order Brothers (BOB). It became apparent after others were signed and several meetings were held that the name did not fit the purpose of the group. Help was asked from the Detroit City Historian and he suggested "Nun Kee Wan Nis" two Indian words which have a broad meaning of we enjoy trading and we find pleasure in sharing our talents. From this the word "Kiwanis" was coined and adopted. Thus in the first week January 1915 the first Kiwanis Club held its first meeting and Donald A. Johnson (an insurance man) was elected its first President. At this meeting the idea of Fraternal and sick benefit organization was dropped for the idea of service to community.

A charter was issued on January 21, 1915. Allen Brown owned Kiwanis legally and under a plan deemed wise at the time he was to issue one share of stock with each membership. In July of 1915 problems arose over Allen Brown getting all the $10.00 initiation fee and shortly thereafter Brown departed for Cleveland to organize the second Kiwanis Club, on October 19, 1915, this Club was organized with 135 members.

The first convention was held in Cleveland in May 1916 and George Hixson of New York was elected the first president. On November 1, 1916, the first club was chartered in Canada at Hamilton and Kiwanis became international. *President George Hixson made this statement in 1917- "Let no Kiwanian be taxed in any way that is bur-den-some, but let every member know that he is not a true Kiwanian if he does not have a generous heart." *By providing a minumum of $1000 donation to the Kiwanis foundation a club may award the Hixsen fellowship to a deserving member.

In 1918 because of the growing pains of Kiwanis with 93 clubs, delegates at the Providence R.I. Convention voted in divide Kiwanis into Districts the structure we have today.

Kiwanis was beginning to spread across the country and Kiwanians did not like the idea of one man owning the organization. At the International Convention in Birmingham, Alabama in 1919 an offer was made to buy all rights to Kiwanis from Allen Brown. It was either sell or they would withdraw and form another organization. Allen Brown made them an offer of $ 17,500.00 but must be paid in 24 hours. The delegates raised this in one hour.

The Motto "We Build" was adopted by Kiwanis on January 23, 1920. In May 1925, the First Key Club was organized at Sacramento, California High School. The first Circle K. Club was organized at Washington State College in 1936.

On April 17, 1962 the first club outside the U.S. and Canada was chartered in Tejunna, Mexico. Alabama has played an important part in Kiwanis history as the birth place of the Kiwanis organization as we know it today. Alabama has also furnished (two) international presidents; J. Mercer Barnett of Birmingham in 1920-21 and Albert J. Tully of Mobile 1959-60. It's ironic that the founder of Kiwanis Allen Brown, was never a Kiwanis member after 1919.

The Kiwanis Emblem, its MOTTO WE BUILD: (We build character, we build community pride, we build cooperative, we build self confidence) and the objects of Kiwanis have had very little change since the founding of Kiwanis. Today Kiwanis is in 69 countries with over 8,000 clubs and 350,000 members.

Club History provided by Mr. Marvin E. Walker.

Kiwanis History - 1932
These were hard times, the 1930s. A Great Depression swept around the globe, and Kiwanis felt the impact. Membership that had peaked in 1930 at 102,150 fell to 74,577 in 1934. It was a time when communities needed Kiwanis most, and the organization soon rebounded and surpassed 140,000 before the end of the decade.

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