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Non-Commercial Booths

The Kiwanis Covington County Fair association provides free booths to any organization, schools, or clubs listed in Non-Commercial Booth Divisions. Guidelines are that all exhibits must be non-commercial in nature, cannot sell food or merchandise, in no way solicit donations or promote a for-profit venture. These booths are unattended (except for Kiwanis' presence) during the fair days.

Note: The booths are 10' x 8' in size with back and side curtains furnished. Your booth will be labeled with your name and class.

You may set up your exhibit per the Setup/Take Down Schedule.


Booth Rules - Division 13 - 21

Categories: FFA/FHA, 4-H, Special Education, Elementary (k-2nd), Elementary (3rd-5th), Middle School, High School & Clubs, Boys & Girl Scouts

General rules governing community, home demonstration, 4-H, FFA, FHA, civic and service and business organizations.

1. No individual exhibits will be accepted in the division.
2. Exhibit booth space will be 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep.
3. Application for entries must be submitted to CCB Community Bank, Attn: Melissa Gantt, P.O. Box 518, Andalusia, Al 36420, by Monday, October 7.
4. Exhibits must be in place no later than 3 p.m. on opening day of the fair.
5. Exhibit building will be open as listed on this page: Setup/Take Down Schedule
6. The title sign should state the theme for the exhibit and all things used in the exhibit should contribute to the theme.
7. The exhibit should be identified with the name of the organization.

If you would like a free booth, complete the NON-COMMERCIAL BOOTH APPLICATION and return to:

     CCB Community Bank
     Attn: Melissa Gantt
     P.O. Box 518
     Andalusia, Al 36420

All completed applications must be in by one week prior to fair opening. You can contact Melissa at 334-427-3984.


1. Power to attract and hold interest of viewers - 20 points.
2. The main idea of the exhibit creates worthwhile, distinctive and significant - 20 points.
3. The extent to which exhibit creates interest in the area, project or practice portrayed or recommended - 20 points.
4. The exhibit shows good standards of homemaking, agriculture, service, business, etc.. - 20 points.
5. General appearance, attractiveness, arrangement, neatness (without being overcrowded) - 20 points.


1st Place - $100
2nd Place - $75
3rd Place - $5

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